Complete Profit Guide - Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Your strategy

Section 3 - Organising & managing your business

Section 4 - Systematising your business

Section 5 - People strategy

Section 6 - Times change

Section 7 - Marketing strategy overview

Section 8 - Your target market

Section 9 - Unique selling proposition(USP)

Section 10 - Guarantee it with risk reversal

Section 11 - Testimonials & case studies

Section 12 - Your pricing strategy

Section 13 - Get your fonts right

Section 14 - Customer satisfaction is of no use

Section 15 - More preparation

Section 16 - Contact management database & lists

Section 17 - Testing, measuring & budgeting

Section 18 - Lead generation

Section 19 - How to grow with advertising

Section 20 - Sales letters - sausage & sizzle

Section 21 - Fax advertising

Section 22 - Internet marketing

Section 23 - Telephone marketing & selling

Section 24 - How to write press releases

Section 25 - Presentations and seminars

Section 26 - Networking magic

Section 27 - How to write newsletters

Section 28 - Proven referral systems

Section 29 - The power of endorsement marketing

Section 30 - How to write special reports

Section 31 - The competition busting special report

Section 32 - Tip sheets

Section 33 - Information packs

Section 34 - Brochures

Section 35 - Catalogues

Section 36 - Mad marketing ideas

Section 37 - How to convert your leads into paying customers

Section 38 - The re-Selling system

Section 39 - Finance: managing the money

Section 40 - Cost controls & expense minimization

Section 41 - Using barter to reduce costs

Section 42 - How to make sure you get paid

Section 43 - Minimizing your risks

Section 44 - How to raise finance

Section 45 - Choosing your business structure

Section 46 - How to find a product to market

Appendix - Recommended reading & information sources

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